How does Testive work? There are actually two parts to Testive. The very first is our 100 % FREE prep software program developed from MIT. It offers adaptive process questions for any SAT, Completely new SAT plus PSAT, as well as ACT. All queries are available to utterly everyone.

The second reason is our teaching program. Whilst our prepare software is perfect for helping scholars practice, your coaches actually help college students reach all their full potential by providing determination and specialist guidance at the same time. Coaching classes are placed over video tutorial chat. We provide monthly options for this system.

What Makes Testive Different?


  • Each of the practice issue are free towards EVERYONE
  • All of our software adapts and personalizes questions just for maximum finding out
  • Answer video lessons and expression notes
  • Thorough analytics allow students to find learning to allow them to stay on track.


  • Flexibility: Agenda meetings all around your agenda.
  • Convenience: Satisfy your guru on training video chat everywhere (that features Wi-Fi)
  • Intention: Our motor coachs will help help you on track
  • Verbal exchanges: Coaches continue parents updated weekly
  • Motor coach buses: Our custom motor coaches have 99th percentile rates and we online game students along with coaches according to both opportunity and shared interests
  • Outcomes: Testive mentoring students notice score grows 3x greater than the industry normal


General Review

Testive Mentoring is a personalized SAT/ACT prep program which pairs students with 99th percentile reviewing coaches intended for 1-on-1 mastering, motivation along with accountability. Utilizing Testive Learning, students complete all of their develop their customized learning program developed with MIT and even meet with their particular coach by using video discussion on the student’s time through anywhere.

Teaching Sessions

While in coaching consultations, coaches could possibly cover specified content, build up or reprogam an action plan, and/or instructor on time supervision or nervousness, amongst alternative activities.
The key part of a coaching session in fact occurs prior to meeting. College students generally work 4-9 hours per week with Testive’s base. As the young people use the base, their guru will receive data files automatically. This allows coach to create a mastering plan ahead of every session. Our coaching periods are typically 30-60 minutes once a week, but group as much learning into them as a old classic 90- tiny session to other SAT/ACT prepare methods.

Software Length

The standard student’s Testive Coaching course lasts several months, yet we’ve seen success together with shorter and also longer systems. Ultimately, each of our recommended process duration depends on your child’s desired test meeting, proximity to attain goal, measure of free time, and even learning type.

Matching Learners With Mentors

Building a tough connection amongst each individual and his or perhaps her discipline is the very first step to achievement.
First, we thin it all the down to only often the coaches in whose schedules accept your program.
Subsequently, we coordinate a student determined shared hobbies and persona fit.
Lastly, most of us listen to you actually. Every student has a exclusive learning model, so we are going to do good to accommodate any requests.
All of our motor coach buses are 99th percentile scorers, educated at schools like Harvard plus Princeton, and most importantly, like working with college students.

Learning Dissimilarities

Our solution to students by using learning variations is to get a personalized program suited to these that leverages their ability and develops around their valuable weaknesses. Received a few fecal material tech that can be especially great for students using learning handicaps: for dyslexia, we have advised videos going for walks through all of practice thoughts that include authoring, spoken-word, in addition to video. Regarding ADHD, your practice trips can be booked extremely quite short to accommodate more rapidly temperaments, or perhaps longer set up stamina. Dads and moms are up to date weekly automatically, so it’s simple determine rapidly whether the system is calculating, and exactly exactly how well.

Price tag and Records

Testive’s plans are designed to always be affordable along with efficient. Acquire a travel magazine today just for detailed costs information. We tend to accept key credit cards as well as offer monthly payment plans.

Refund policy

We offer a good 14-day, basically no questions expected, money back guarantee*. In addition , following two week screen you can stop at any time and you may not be energized for long term months on the program. *excludes our one-month bootcamp process.

Missing Work

Every time a learner misses your committed review day, their coach is normally immediately informed. Our discipline will get in touch with the student right now to determine if this was a one-off situation or if your student’s understanding plan must be recalibrated. Any time a student grows a structure of lacking commitments, all of our coach is going to notify the exact student’s fathers and mothers and set up a video appointment to get the individual back focused.


Jooxie is so sure our figuring out philosophy and training process operate that we report all outcome from trainees who have used our plan. We’ve found hundreds of scholars master the SAT/ACT along with exceed their and their parents’ expectations in the program. Never convinced? Go and visit what some other parents in addition to students have states about Testive Coaching.

Starting out

The first step is to set up a new 10-minute mother or call to aid you to determine if Testive Coaching is the right suit. If it is, barstools2u . com offers a free 30-minute coaching appointment to your boy or girl.



Testive’s unique learning base includes over 3, 000 adaptive procedure questions plus review movies, and 60+ lesson plans. This is exactly free to everybody.

Score Auguration

When a college has responded to enough perform questions within the category (about 10-15) some people get a credit report scoring prediction which is accurate within just +/- 60 points of their SAT results. Our long term studies have shown that Testive’s score estimations are when accurate just like any practice test out can be.

Using Only the Software

Primarily using the applications are best for students who can continually motivate themselves to study, be focused on their whole weakest parts, and reflect deeply very own wrong solutions. However , we have found this mentorship is a powerful studying tool and also motivation and accountability work best served through human connection, which we offer through your coaching course.

Question Quality

Since the University or college Board will never license its SAT/ACT questions for use just by private organisations, the concerns on our learning platform are usually written by assessment experts. Most of us also offer evaluation and rating of 1, 700 past KOMMET questions from College Board’s Official KOMMET Study Tutorial, 2nd Option using some of our Blue Arrange uploader program. Similarly, we tend to also offer totally free analysis along with scoring with the 5 earlier ACT lessons made available while in the Real TAKE ACTION Prep Guide, 3rd Version using some of our Red Reserve uploader instrument.

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